Mannix update.....

The news about Mannix is as good as it possibly could be at this time.


Mannix is now finished his treatment six months and seems to be doing very well. He has had two 3 monthly out patient appointments with his consultant which have involved MRI and CAT scans, ultra sounds of his abdomen and chest x- rays and all of these tests look promising.

As mannix had stage 4 cancer, which involved a second inoperable tumour behind his right eye, his treatment was very intense and along with chemotherapy he received large doses of radiation. The Radiation he received has caused many changes to the area behind his eye, therefore making it difficult to determine if the tumour is now dead. As time goes by, and Mannix continues to be well, his chances of a full recovery will increase.

Mannix’s cancer, Clear cell sarcoma of kidney, is known for relapses so therefore it will be 5 years or more before we will be told whether he is cancer free or not, but at this time he is so well and full of energy that it is incredible to think that this time last year he was so very ill.


During Mannix’s treatment he became so ill that for over two months he could not eat anything and at times could hardly take a sip of water, he was fed with a special feed called TPN, which was feed directly into his blood stream through the main artery in his neck, but throughout all of the difficult times, Mannix was so courageous and spirited, and it was his strength of character and determination that got us through his treatment.

In September Mannix started school in junior infants and is now attending full time and in November he turned 5 and we had fantastic birthday celebrations for him.


Today he is now attending school and playing with his cousins and friends just like any other 5 year old. He is back to eating a normal diet and has put on all the weight that he lost during his treatment.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the fundraising that was done on behalf of Mannix. Through our most difficult times it was incredible to know that people were out there working on behalf of our little boy. This was a tremendous support to us.


Should our dream come through that Mannix never relapses and therefore will not need further treatment abroad, all monies that have been raised will go directly to children’s oncology in Crumlin Hospital.


We will keep you updated on Mannix’s progress as time goes on.

Once again, a massive Thank You,

-Bryan and Noleen Kane.

The Story so far.....

Our beautiful 4 yr old boy has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Two weeks before Christmas I took our son Mannix, to the local GP for what I believed would be a prescription for an antibiotic.  Instead, an ambulance was called and my little boy visited three different hospitals, had countless cat scans and MRI’s, followed by two biopsies.  Six days later we were given the devastating news that our little boy has Clear Cell Sarcoma stage 4.  Mannix has two tumours, one on his kidney and the second behind his right eye.

At present, Mannix has started treatment in Our Lady’s Children's Hospital, Crumlin.  Mannix’s treatment plan consists of 30 weeks of aggressive combination chemotherapy, surgery to remove his kidney and one of the tumours and radiation treatment to tackle the second tumour.  He also must get daily injections to help improve his platelet count, called G.C.S.F.

His condition will be assessed at the end of treatment.  Unfortunately the chance of full recovery is low and the chance of relapse with Clear Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney is very high.  This leads to a less than 40% survival rate.  This is our worst fear.

In this case, we hope to be able to bring Mannix to the United States and involve him in clinical trials.  These are not available in Ireland, neither is funding for this kind of treatment.  For this reason, we are fundraising.


Ways you can help:

  • Hold a fundraising event (sponsored walk/swim/run/coffee morning/cake sale, etc).
  • Make a collection in your place of work.
  • Spread the word amongst family and friends by email.
  • Make a personal donation.
  • Visit our appeal website and make an donation online.